Hi…. I am Deouna “D-honor” Baron-Daniel, a CPA hopeful; who has the deepest desire to be a licensed CPA.  However, first I got to take and pass the big test – The CPA Exam.

I created this blog as instrument that I can use that would give me the freedom to channel my thoughts and concerns, and to share my frustrations, my fears, my accomplishments while on this journey of taking the CPA exam, becoming licensed and to create my brand as a Professional.  

I have been giving a lot of thought about my personal brand; and the questions of what I would like to be known for or what would be my legacy, has become so important to me. Understanding my path and developing along the way, has become crucial to my existence.

I am very new to blogging, but I thought it was a great way to create a positive digital footprint and an excellent approach to create a personal brand.

As part of my professional journey, I have laid out some obtainable goals for myself which includes making a meaningful contribution in the area of accounting, working alongside knowledgeable colleagues, gaining experience, knowledge and an improved skill set.

Ultimately, I intend to own an accounting firm that exist on corporate ethical principles, that creates an environment that supports and foster a professional behavior, focusing on sound financial services, good governance, and an exceptional culture of values and principles, providing reputable services to my clients.

My intent for this blog is to share information, to motivate and encourage someone including myself while taking the CPA exam, as well as anyone who is on a journey of becoming a professional.  

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