Make It A look; Accessorize

I do not have a whole lot of fancy dresses in my closet, but I do have some fun accessorizing my outfit with makeup, fashion jewelry, cute bags and a beautiful smile. 🙂

To talk bit about my personal style; its simple. I love pieces that I can use to express myself no matter what season. I keep my identity classic and timeless.

Full disclosure; I love to look good on a budget. So if you are all about brand then this blog may not be to your liking. 🙁

In this blog I only want to display Wood Jewelry, Pearls, Collar Necklaces and Shoe Accessories. These are all pieces I have amassed over many years.

Jewelry can be a statement of personal style and preferences. I love bold pieces for when I am feeling feisty and I adore a simple but classic piece that reminds me how elegant a look can be.  Most of the my jewelry has served as a memory that reminds me of special moments, of places traveled, and also has the ability to remind me of love ones that I miss, and the fact that I am loved.

Wood Jewelry

Jewelry from Hawaii, Africa, Curacao and America

Wood Jewelry is indeed stylish and has the tendency to be unique; because they are hand crafted and can never be an exact replica. for example, while in visiting Curacao, I sat and watch the jeweler put together the above earrings, made just for me. I also love how inexpensive and timeless they are. The above shell necklace was gifted to me by my aunt over twenty years ago. She bought it from a small village i believe in Nigeria, Africa.

I always feel trendy when I wear wood earrings and bracelets.  They are low maintenance and can last a lifetime if cared for.


Life is made up a few moments all strung together like pearls; each moment is a pearl …. author unknown.

Pearl jewelry has been around for centuries. It is the only gem that is solely created by a living animal. It was worn as a status symbol back in the 1930’s by Coco Chanel as well as gifted to Elizabeth Taylor in the 1950’s.

 I have had genuine pearls over the years, which I have passed down to my niece as I had out grown them.  However, do not underestimate the power of faux pearl jewelry; they do have the ability to perfectly epitomize your style of being sleek, simple and classy.

I prefer a classy pearl look when I am doing interviews, but I enjoy making a statement with a chunky or layered pearl necklace.

Collar Necklaces

Whoever invented collar necklaces, kudos to them. This was yet again a genius idea. Collar Necklaces can bring together an outfit and make an impression without even trying. 

My favorite way to wear those necklaces is with a button down shirt, that I can dress it up for brunch,church or dress it down for work. 

So I do confess that I can be a bit of a plane Jane, but I love spicing up my outfit with an eye catcher around my neck.

My ultimate sell on collar necklaces, is how well you can transform a simple round neck shirt into a stylish outfit like a true fashionista.

Shoe Accessories

Yep shoe accessories are a thing.

Similar to collar necklaces, shoe accessories are an easy way to uplift a basic look. I am a woman of simple taste, so when I was introduced to shoe accessories, I was all in.  Again I love me some pointy shoes.  They are simple and timeless. 

I have the tendency to use my work shoe and transform them into a glamorous pair of shoe. 

some wear and tear on the green shoes

The shoe clips are adorned with a cluster of rhinestones that transform your shoes into show stopper.

I came up with a few quotes while doing this blog, let me know what you think

*Shoes take you places, get there in style; accessorize ~ Deouna Baron

*Accessories are as essential as a little black dress ~ Deouna Baron

*Make it a look; accessorize ~ Deouna Baron

I hope you enjoyed this blog, thank you for taking the time to read.

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