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Investing in your employees is one of the wisest business decisions.

I moved to New York a little over two years ago, and quickly jumped into the job market.  I had a few interviews and job offers, but I decided to continue my career at Bruni & Campisi Plumbing and Heating Inc.  Now, we all know that when you take a job, there is a risk that you may or may not like the company or the job. However, I knew Bruni & Campisi was a good fit for me because of the work environment, the chill atmosphere and the energy I felt during and after my interview.  I felt like I could thrive there; and I did just that.

Bruni & Campisi, is celebrating 40 years in the Air Conditioning and plumbing business.  We are fully licensed to perform Plumbing, Heating and HVAC services, repairs and installations in Westchester County, and South Western Connecticut. 

Since 1979 the company has served Residential and light Commercial Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning customers throughout Westchester, Greenwich and Stamford, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The company has a fully stocked warehouse, a radio dispatched fleet, and a team of trained technicians and staff.

If one thing is true; if you want your company/business to grow, you need to ensure that you make the necessary investments in your employees. Ensure that as the company is growing your employees grows along with it. 

One may ask how does an employer invest in their employees. it the simple things like helping employees on their career path, paying for certifications, offer benefits and training. Investing in your employees is not cheap, but is absolutely important and worth it.  It has been considered a solid decision and one of the best uses of the company time and money. Of course the company also inadvertently benefits as well, namely creating a positive company culture, increase in employee retention, a boost in employee morale and most importantly and increase in the company’s bottom line.

The owners of Bruni & Campisi are invested in their employees, and care about their development. Recently, I was promoted to Staff Accountant/Supervisor.  It was such a great honor, because I felt like all my hard work was being noticed and appreciated. 

Supporting your career goals and personal development #promotion

With my new position my bosses took the initiative to sign myself and my colleague Diana who was also promoted to a new position, to a class on Leadership and Management Skills for Women.

This training was so refreshing.  Some of the material was mainly reinforced and others were fresh, up-to-date and refreshing. I found it particularly interesting to learn about the characteristics of successful women leaders, the difference between the 20th and 21st century leaders.  I took away tips on how to become a highly effective person and more importantly how to become a great leader.

Bruni & Campisi also take care of their technicians, after all, they are the front line of the company, they are the ones that meet the customers and represent Bruni & Campisi.  The company ensures that their techs and helpers are certified in the trade. They also encourage continuous in house and off site training, for both office and field staff. Staff are learning and enhancing their skills sets, ensuring that they are up to date with new technologies, efficient equipment and new techniques that can be used to serve the customers.

Work Hard, Play Hard.

Not only do we work as a team, we play as team.

 Improving interpersonal working relationship across the different departments is key to boost workplace productivity. It has been a proven fact that, companies that encouraged collaborative working has increasingly high performing.  Our marketing team understands that fun team building activities, is a powerful tool that helps improve collaboration and growth company wide. 

Mario Bruni, the president, sponsored a table at the Boys and Girls Club Annual Gala, and he invited a few employees accompanied by their spouses, for a night of fun and a little bit of networking with the many sponsors.  It was a classy night, we had a chance to see the philanthropic work that our company supports. I left the event feeling so amazed by the impact the Boys and Girls Club has on the community as well as inspired to make a difference when I can.

The Boy and Girls Club of Mount Vernon Annual Gala 2019

 Some of the fun activities we participate in company corn hole competition, paid trips to ball games, company annual picnics and Christmas party.

The corn hole competition was an after work activity held at Captain Lawrence Brewing Company. It was such a fun social event co-mingling with the bosses and other departments.

Now, I know nothing about Baseball, but I was thrilled when the company had a company outing to go look the Rockland Boulders and a Canadian team play.  It was a great time, and I have pictures to prove 😉

The annual company picnics I look forward to every year.  It is an event for the employees and their family.  There are activities and gifts for the kids, including tug of war, potato sack race, dad and kid bike race competition.  It was an opportunity to meet the other extended families of the employees.  There was a lot of food, and drinks.  It’s always a great event.

The Christmas Party is an event that the president Mario, takes on as his baby.  He is very involved in the planning and executing of this event. We look forward to the money tree, the gifts that every attendee receives, the open bar, the comedy hour. It’s always a good time. This year we enjoyed a bit of a casino theme.

At Bruni & Campisi, management understands, that if you assist your employee to become successful personally and professionally, that the employees in return will work and propel the company to be successful as well.

As Zig Ziglar says “you don’t build a business, you build people –and then people build the business.

Happy 40th Anniversary; Bruni & Campisi, Help is on the way!!!

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