exam Day

Whether I am ready or not, exam day is here.  Yep, I am about to go show and prove that all effort and sacrifices that i have made are to pay off.

I decided to get at least seven hours of sleep the night before.  There was a resolve in me that there was not much I could do, that I have not already done in preparation to take the FAR exam. This was not the norm for me because I remember doing my BS. or even my Masters I would always pull an all-niter before any major exam. However, of the all the exam that I have ever taken, I choose the FAR exam to be unconventional. (who does that??? 🙂 )

Anyways, I had scheduled my exam for one in the afternoon, which I thought would have given me some time for calm.  I had decent breakfast and decided to do a light review of my notes throughout the morning.

Two hours before my exam, I made my way to the Prometric Test Center. Before leaving for the test center, I checked and ensure for the thousandth time, that I had my NTS (notice to schedule), my request for scratch paper and pencil, and ensured that I had the required ID. I wanted to ensure I was there an hour early.  I did everything possible to ensure that I was not too overwhelmed, I wanted to walk in the test room with little nerve as possible. 

Upon arrival; an hour early, I went in and spoke to the test center attendant just to ensure that all my documents were in order.  Once everything was OK, I went back to my vehicle to relax.  Once the time was upon me, I went back to the test center to check in. 

As an exam candidate, you can be expected to be fingerprinted and photographed.  Your body will also be scanned for security reason before going in or out of the test room.  Due to the fact that it was my first time testing, I took advantage of the ten minutes allotted, to navigate through the introductory screen. I want to ensure that my four hour experience would be smooth sailing.

The exam, as expect, had the basic format of probably most prep course.  Although I cannot discuss the content of the exam, I would like to say from my experience, is that, you execute as well as you practice.

Practice!! Practice!! Practice!! In retrospect, I think I underestimated the test bank. I did spend a lot of time on the MCQ’s, which left me with less time to do the three other test-lets.

I did not complete the exam; I ran out of time. One thing to remember is that you cannot move from one testlets to another as freely as you want too.  Once one testlets is submitted you can’t go back to it. This I knew was going to be a challenge for me.  Being the accountant in me, I want to solve the question, betraying all best practices of time management during the exam.

Take away from this exam day

  • Don’t be late for the exam – give yourself some time for calm.
  • Ensure you take with you all necessary documents – NTS, ID’s, etc..
  • Dress comfortably- you are allowed to enter the test room with a sweater, jacket etc..
  • Manage allotted time wisely – if you cannot solve it then move on..
  • It is what is – after exam don’t over think it, it is already done.

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