Two Weeks Countdown

Exam day is rapidly approaching, and all I can hope for is the feeling that, I have done all that I could have done to pass this exam. 

For an exam as such, you can and will never feel completely prepared; well for me at least.  There is just too much material to cover and you will find it difficult to master each topic before the exam; let’s just get that out of the way.

So, it is the final countdown, and I feel a little panicked and a bit scatterbrained, still not sure what should be my focus topics, and I keep thinking about the areas that I still have not mastered. 

Studying was becoming so exhausting, as I have been doing so day in and day out for months.  I found it rather interesting that I lost focus and the drive to study, just two weeks before exam day.  Two weeks before my exam, studying became rather frustrating because I was on the final lap of the race and I was slowing down. I lost momentum and I found myself struggling, and incapable to remain focused and go the extra hours as I use to.  It was so difficult to keep my head in the game.  I felt like I just wanted to throw my books away.

So, with the limited time and little motivation I had left, I had to find a way to keep going.  I started to focus on mock exams.  I thought the best way forward would be to run through a full set of the prep exam, memorize some of the mnemonics, seek further clarification on problematic question.  I started to pay attention to the area that needed improving. I knew that I had to get my mind right, because ready or not, my exam is fourteen days out.  I worked on managing my time while doing the prep exams. I began to take notice of my speed. I had an average speed of two minutes per MCQs, and also notice that when I got stuck on task based questions, I would spend a lot time on it, refusing to move on if I can’t figure it out. This I know, was going to be an issue when taking the real exam. 

As on one of the Wiley instructors Pam would say, “You do not need to know one hundred percent of the material; you just need to know seventy-five percent of the material to pass.” The only drawback to this statement is that we do not know what 75% of the exam is being tested.

In a perfect world, two weeks before the exam you should have done your due diligence and almost complete your syllabus. However in my world I feel like I did not have it covered, and I am trying to convince myself that I have put in the work and I should trust the process. 

On the flip side, i am saying to my self “you know more than I think”.  Two weeks before the exam I need to focus on my strengths and stay motivated.

Take care of yourself; One week before my exam, I had to make a trip to urgent care. I had a week of headaches, serious neck and shoulder pains that prevented me from maximizing my study time. Needless to say my blood pressure was high which I attributed to stress, and erratic sleeping habits.  I said all this, to say that it is important that we maintain or improve our health during this process.  We are actually no good on exam day if we don’t feel mentally and physically prepared to conquer this beast.

If there is one thing that should be done, apart from packing your Identification cards, your notice to schedule, and request for scratch paper and pencil, is to ensure that you get some rest. If I have learned anything through out my many years of studying, is that your brain need to rejuvenate, and the day before the exam getting some rest, will become even more imperative.

The night before the exam is not a time to learn new topics.  If you do not know the material by now, then you just won’t.  Let the material you studied settle in, get a good night’s rest and relax.



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