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Exuma.. it’s a must as a go to destination, whether it’s for a wedding, vacation, girls trip or whatever your travel goals are.

With little convincing I was able to get my husband on board for a trip to the Bahamas.  We were up by 2:00 am getting ready to jet set to the most beautiful islands in the Bahamas.  We had a short stay over in Fort Lauderdale and “hunni” that Airport Magaritaville got us in the vacation mood at 10:00 am as we enjoyed a few umbrella worthy drinks. 

Hefner and I at Air Margaritaville in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Exuma has been on my bucket list for a few years.  It all started when I saw promotional post on social media.  I was literally mesmerized by the crystal clear water, the white sand beaches and the notion of swimming with the “swimming pigs”.  So, when my God daughter was graduating from L.N. Coakley High School, in Exuma, I was beyond excited to go support her and explore the little island.

Nakiya and Myself at her 2019 High School Graduation

We finally caught our connecting flight to Exuma from Fort Lauderdale and what a sight to see while flying over the Island of Bahamas; we saw the most amazing turquoise water from the window seat of Silver Airline.

Finally, around 1:30 pm we landed on the Island of Exuma.  I honestly got a little nostalgic because it gave me the feeling of being back home on the island of Dominica. I felt like the people were chilled, and enjoyed an easy going life – far different from the busy hectic New York Life that we left behind. 

The people we met at the airport as well as Nakiya’s boarding family, were so friendly and welcoming and we knew right then and there that we were going to have a great vacation.

When it came to finding a hotel, we did a lot of research to find a suitable Hotel/Resort/Air-BnB that was not to expensive as well as a place where we could have a great experience. 

We stayed at Peace n Plenty; this hotel was pretty decent.  The rooms were clean, the atmosphere was great.  The round the clock music kept us wanting some of their signature colorful drinks.  We were not checked it for less than an hour, but we jumped on to a water taxi provided by the hotel to visit Stocking Island.

The boat ride to the island was amazing.  The wind in my face, drinks in my hand, made me feel like everything was alright with the world.  The bar was stocked with drinks, and they had a barbeque going. I was most excited to get into the water. I was ecstatic; I could see clearly my white polished toes at the bottom of the ocean in which I was standing in. 

The water was warm and the sun was smiling down on me. While out on Stocking Island, we made the mistake of not visiting Chat & Chill, we were not aware that we could walk in shallow waters along the beach behind a huge rock. Chat & Chill if famous for its conch salad, barbeque pork and more. If ever your visit, do go there and let me know.

Our trip to Exuma would not have been fun if we did not do the Water Excursion Tour.  Let me tell you, this tour was worth every penny.  We used Coastline Tours for this whole day event.  The tour guide Jetty and Captain Jermaine were the best. 

Jetty, Myself and Captain Jermaine

They were super friendly and they seemed to be well informed and knowledgeable, as they should. They knew all the cool spots to see turtles and star-fish. It certainly appeared that they loved what they do.

Our first stop was to do a little snorkeling.  We got to jump into the beautiful clear blue water and begin a five minute adventure into Thunderball on Staniel Cay.  Thunderball Cay is considered one of the best snorkeling spot in the world.  We were able to snorkel into this huge cage where James bond 007 scenes were shot.

Quick Video below.

Next stop was Compass Cay. I do not have a lot off “To Do’s” on my bucket list; and swimming with sharks was certainly not on my list.  However, I did it, and it was amazing, once I got over my initial fear of the sharks, I was able to enjoy the experience.  You only live once, so at Compass Cay, you can feed, pet and swim with the trained and tamed sharks.

We then hit the Sandbar. This was such a scenic view; the contrast of the white sand and crystal blue waters was everything.  It was a great place to make some memories and remove some epic pictures.  We enjoyed some conch salad complement the tour.  It was a great time to get off the boat and just enjoy the view.

So now, we are at the leg of the tour that was on my bucket list.  I was swimming with the famous swimming pig.  These pigs have become local celebrities.  To interact with the pigs, there were a few rules. Rule 1, do not turn your back on the pigs because they have a tendency to bite your butt. Rule 2. Feed them while they are facing you.  If you are not careful they will charge up on you.  If this happens, you need splash water in the pigs’ faces and put your hands up as if to surrender.  Trust me it works every time. By the way watch out for Karma… she is feisty.  It was the best experience ever.

The last leg of our tour was to the Mash Harbor Great Guana Cay; as in Iguana Cay.  Y’all the Iguana’s got a whole island for themselves.  From the boat you would spot about ten of them, but once you get on the island, there was a whole community of Iguanas which was like solders on the beach.  The tour guide Jetty, provided us with lettuce to feed them.  Now this was a bit scary but once you palm the food the iguanas would come over and eat from my hand.  Another bucket list moment.

I have seen the bluest of the blue water.  I enjoyed some great authentic Bahamian food and met some lovely people. Exuma is one of the most beautiful island that I have been too; well apart of from my island of Dominica. I have added link from Discover Dominica Feel free to explore the page, you will find my little island very interesting.

Exuma is a destination that you can easily fall in love with.  It’s a must do for destination lovers



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