So i was not Swimsuit ready.. but i was!!

I have been planning my trip to the Bahamas, specifically the island of Exuma and Nassau, for almost six months.  I purchased my ticket for my flight and booked my hotel months in advance. I live in New York and we were just getting out of the winter season, and I was alto happy to start shopping for the summer/vacation outfits.  However, when it came to purchasing swimsuits, it was a struggle.  I know some you may be like what is wrong with this skinny chick.. Lol but I am freakishly tall with a big bust, skinny legs and a sizable pouch.

Before I even continue with this blog, I want to point out that this is  content is about body positivity.  I want to encourage people/women to love and accept themselves as they are, and to be comfortable in their own skin; and if you don’t, then do not be scared to do something about it.

First, I am an online shopper and I did not have to search extensively because as the weather is getting warmer and summer is almost officially here, there are swarms of advertisers that target us women and work on our insecurities, and there are tons of adverts for bathing suit options.   Now let me say,  I do not enjoy waiting in the long lines, or going through the many racks to find items, nor do I like  the annoyance of waiting for an empty fitting room.  I much prefer to order online, and hope for all hits and never a miss.  I found two website on Instagram Matte Collection and Icon Swim Wear.  Note the word Instagram, meaning Instagram models with almost perfect bodies whether bought or natural, they model swim suits beautifully.  It was not too difficult to find what I am looking for from the wide variety of suits available.  I wanted bright, colorful and comfortable bathing suits.

Choose a swimwear that suits your body type

So when while browsing the internet, I had to ensure that I pick swimwear that was right for my weird, but amazing body type.

This was super important because a great swim suit will make a huge positive difference.  I wanted to ensure that I feel comfortable while I lay on the beach bench soaking up the sun.  I wanted my beach day to be fun, happy and easy going.  This bathing suit was a definite hit for me. The color was fun and gave a paradise vibe.  Even if the breast area fit a little weird, I thought I was the hottest female on the beach.  It also helped that I got quite a few complements while wearing this suit. I loved that this bathing suit made me feel confident and super excited to be on the beach.

A bikini body is a body with a bikini on it.

I am sure you have heard the expression “Every Body is a Bikini Body”, so I decided to embrace my 2019 summer body cause heck summer is here.  I liked the high waist swimsuit because it covered up my unflattering area.  This swim suit made me less self-conscious, allowing me to enjoy every moment.

You do not need to have a summer/swimsuit body to enjoy some umbrella drinks while laying face up on the beach bench.  Go ahead, be confident, be beautiful and don’t let the false standards of beauty keep you from having a good time.

Guys all bodies, the curvy, skinny, plump bodies are all bodies for bikinis.

Don’t be afraid to be a little risky

This swimsuit was one of my riskiest suit.  I was glad that I got this one because, it was one of my best fitted swimsuit of my trip.

There was no escaping my mid region, as the bathing suit highlighted my tummy. My tummy was very noticeable, especially after having a copious amount of Bahama Mama’s.  None-the-less I felt sexy and got a lot of looks with this swimsuit.  The looks could have been because I looked bloated, but I am going to go with the fact that I got a few compliments while walking on liquid blue skies.

Embrace the Misfits

This bathing suit was one of my least favorite, but it’s such a beautiful color.  I loved the forest green, look like a bikini, whole suit :-). It was the only one that gave me pause about wearing it.  However, with a little support from my husband, I walked in the pool and had a blast. 

Little black bathing suit

Now, I have always heard that black clothing can hide a few pounds and have a tendency to make you seem slimmer. 

Well that was not the reason for my purchase.  I really loved this bathing suit because of its fun and flirty sleeves.  This swimsuit fit me perfectly.  It was a definite hit for me.  I loved the confidence and carefree attitude that I had when I wore the suit.

Invest in cover-up

I decided to invest in a few cover up not because I was ashamed of my body, but because they made my beach, pool, boat day, even better.

I also wanted to feel a little more modest while walking through the hotel lobby and casino.  I got a few netted and sheer cover-ups. Although I was covered, I still felt sexy and it took away nothing from my beautiful experience. It was also a good way to avoid sun burns.

We are bombarded on social media platforms everyday with what the so called perfect bodies are.  They set false standards that are obviously hard to live up to, which inadvertently create self-esteem and mental issues.  It’s so important that we love ourselves and develop great self-esteem. 

Embrace positive attitudes about your body, your life; because if you don’t, it’s going to be difficult for others to embrace and love you.

Love yourself just the way you are!!

Click on the link below, to look at a short video of my 2019 summer vacation swimsuit edition



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  1. This is what you call being comfortable in your own skin…love the positivity Dee…this is sure a motivator for most, myself included

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